Wioletta Greg.

Wioletta Grzegorzewska – is a Polish-British writer living in United Kingdom since 2006. She publishes under the pen name: Wioletta Greg.

Currently, she lives in Lewes on the river Ouse. She is an accomplished poet, shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize. Swallowing Mercury, her first prose book translated to English by Eliza Marciniak, was longlisted for the 2017 the Man Booker International Prize

Greg’s tales are rich in colour and texture, facts and magic. They possess a lyrical prose offering; a picturesque depiction of a country both lost in time, yet still modern.

Wioletta’s latest novel, Wolf River, recounts her journey during the pandemic and her stay in a British women’s refuge, where she lived with her daughter for almost a year. Her novels have been translated into Catalan, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Serbian and Lithuanian.




Neprinokę vaisiai, Akuso Zyvus, Lithuania, trans itno Lituanian Keliautojai laiku.



Lola i ptaki, Harper Collins, Poland, book for children shortlisted for the IBBY Prize, Poland.

Wilcza rzeka, Wydawnictwo W.A.B, Poland

Zelene voćke, Serbia, trans. into Serbian by Mila Gavrilovic



Dodatkowa dusza, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Poland

Les Fruits encore verts, Intervalles, Franse, trans. into French Nathalie Le Marchand.

Un frutto acerbo, Bompiani Publisher, trans. Into Italian by Barbara Delfino



Die Untermieterin, C. H. Beck, trans. into German by Renate Schmidgall. 

Accommodations, Transit Books, US trans. by Jennifer Croft



Stancje, W.A.B. Poland.

Swallowing Mercury, trans. by Eliza Marciniak, UK: Portobello Books & US – Transit Books. 

Unreife Früchte, C. H. Beck, Germany, trans. into German by Renate Schmidgall.

Tragar Mercurio, Rata, Spain, trans. into Spanish by Karolina Todorowa.

Mercuri a la boca, Rata, trans. into Catalan by Xavier Farré.



Guguły, Czarne Publisher, Poland, (book shortlisted for the Nike Prize, Gdynia Prize).

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